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Madison Performance Group

Front-end development of a new employee recognition web application, using AngularJS and MVC5.

Madison Performance Group homepage screenshot

Multiple types of users: employees, User Group Managers, Award Program Managers, Content Managers, etc...

Different brower profiles for different user types.

Selecting a user to send a reward to.

You can even send the reward with a custom message.

Implemented AngularJS views, routing, and directives to integrate a single page user experience.

Primary test author and tester for the client facing portion of the web application. Types of testing included manual, exploratory, regression, Selenium, and cross browser testing.

McKesson Corporation

Built web services and UI for a new module on a mature Healthcare software management suite. Resolved business concerns about inefficient medical insurance claim management by providing a more automated, streamlined and user friendly system for processing insurance claims.

McKesson manage claim assignments payer status rules screenshot

Updated old web app interfaces to a Single Page Application style interface using Angular.

Filtering by drop down and by search query.

Implemented and tested an ASP.NET MVC4 Web API

Programmed with JavaScript and Angular on the front-end and C# for the back-end.

Developed a client side interface that utilized the Web API for a rich user experience.

Supporting operations with records numbering in the millions.

Test driven development with NUnit and Moq.