Thriftbooks banner

Developed the ThriftBooks customer facing retail site. Front-end and back-end.

Thriftbooks banner

Created a React-based autocomplete component for product search field.

Initial version using dummy data.

Styled and using live data.

On live website.

autocomplete traffic

Viewed by 2M users each week.

Implemented a USPS address validation modal for shopping cart checkout process.

USPS validation modal

Used JavaScript, jQuery, and USPS’ API.

Add some books to your cart on ThriftBooks and navigate to the shipping address step of the checkout process.

USPS validation modal code

Some of the JavaScript code.

USPS validation modal

Code review.

USPS validation modal

Viewed by 50K users each week.

Published blog and landing pages written by our in-house content writers.

Thriftbooks blog entries

Wrote scripts to input page data into SQL Server, and then modified blog and landing page HTML templates to match specs.

Designed and developed web apps for the admin area for our content writers and administrators: WordPress-style blog publishing tools (with TinyMCE), custom text on book product pages, etc...

Developed a feature to display custom marketing text on book products' pages. Text could be something like a custom review from one of ThriftBook's employees. You can see some of the code and dummy SQL data.

The behind-the-scenes admin area, for non-developers to write their own custom marketing text for products.

Used Optimizely for A/B Testing.

Optimizely code and result

jQuery was used for interface changes.

Created and modified SQL tables, queries and stored procedures. In C# files, used either SQL query strings or LINQ to Entity.

LINQ queries

LINQ queries in the marketing text controller. They will return a search query result, a paginated list, or a specific marketing text, respectively.

Created and modified Mocha, Chai and Selenium tests for front end testing, and NUnit tests for backend unit testing. Used Browserstack and hallway testing for cross browser testing.

Running a Selenium test on my auto-complete.

Developed BookClubHub, ThriftBook's social book club site.

BookClubHub screenshot

Created and maintained with HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, React, ASP.NET MVC 5, and SQL Server.

Used React to implement Clubs, Events, Invite RSVPs, and Profiles.